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Worthwhile Links: Year-End Collections + Soundtracks + Instant Decaf

Only the good links.

Jason S. Canon
Jason S. Canon
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Worthwhile Links: Year-End Collections + Soundtracks + Instant Decaf

worth reading

Paul Crider records his 2021 books.

Nintil has a long FAQ on scaling tacit knowledge.

Sam Atis has a great selection of links this month that turned me on to this post from Alexey Guzey disputing some of Matt Walker's work on sleep.

Jason Kottke shares some of the best photos of 2021.

...and clearly I need to follow more female bloggers. Recommendations?

worth hearing

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra has recorded highlights from the Game of Thrones soundtrack. The score itself remains one of the all-time greats, but I've always been annoyed by the synthetic quality of the original recordings... this despite (apparently) being recorded by a live orchestra and real humans. This new album is good for Gloomhaven nights or whenever you need to feel epic.

worth trying

I'm a coffee apostate. I appreciate the subdued effects of a good half-caf and lately I've been using decaf in the evenings as a prokinetic (context here). Instant coffee is nobody's ideal but it's easier and more consistent than keeping whole or ground decaf around for the occasional cup. I've been using Waka Decaf after trying other brands. And I'll be damned if their tip about mixing with cold water doesn't significantly improve the flavor.